Streamline vulnerability management workflow with ASPIA


ASPIA helped Europe’s steel wire manufacturing company to transform and streamline vulnerability management workflow and enhanced the way to track vulnerabilities. This enhanced the vulnerability remediation process, resulting in faster and more efficient vulnerability closure.


  • Challenges to tracking the vulnerabilities after the scan completion.
  • Significant Manual efforts into Vulnerability Management.
  • Different platforms for the asset, vulnerability, and issue management lead to extended remediation timelines.
  • The present security insights of the organization are very poor.


  • Continuous Synchronization of assets and vulnerabilities with
  • Automated workflow of vulnerability management.
  • Centralized platform to manage all assets, vulnerabilities, and issues from ASPIA.
  • Deliver clear and granular security insights about the organization’s security.


  • Ingestion of assets and vulnerabilities into a unified ASPIA platform presented a real-time status and visualization of found vulnerabilities.
  • ASPIA enables automation to reduce vulnerability management efforts and delivers a one-click remediation scan from its platform.
  • Improved tracking with ASPIA resulted in accurate prioritization of efforts based on the risk levels of vulnerabilities.
  • Enhanced visibility for leadership teams in ASPIA helps them to take effective decisions to address the security concerns.

In conclusion, we would like to share that ASPIA integration with helped the vulnerability management team manage all their assets, and vulnerabilities from a unified Dashboard. Different teams can collaborate to achieve a faster vulnerability remediation workflow through ASPIA’s automated and streamlined platform.

The manual efforts into managing the vulnerabilities have significantly reduced after this integration and the organization is able to save time and resources.

The leadership team is now able to view the progress of security assessment and vulnerability management in real-time without having the need to go through various presentations of spreadsheets. The team is able to make quick decisions regarding critical vulnerabilities with the help of insights offered by our platform.

Vulnerability Management