Vulnerability Management
Remediate the cyber vulnerabilities 10 times faster with only a dash of resources

Discover, Prioritize, and Manage Vulnerabilities with easeCentralize risk-based Vulnerability Management System

Manage your Risks efficiently with minimal resources

ASPIA’s automated vulnerability management system enables you to discover, prioritize, and respond to vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that might be exploited by attackers, resulting in the unintentional leak of sensitive data or causing business disruption.

ASPIA’s vast range of integrations with external security tools, ensure ingestion and consolidation of all vulnerability data into a unified platform, automating the remediation process so teams work more effectively.

ASPIA delivers efficient vulnerability management through multiple stages to decrease the security risk profile for your organization. With ASPIA, you have full visibility of vulnerabilities and you can easily coordinate amongst the people, processes, and tools involved.

With ASPIA Focus on what matters most with reduced manual efforts
Contextual risk based insights help in vulnerability prioritization
Achieve an Improved security state of your enterprise
Track vulnerabilities on a real-time basis.

Consolidated Security Visibility

ASPIA's granular details and insights obtain a clear view of the current security state of the organization

Faster remediation and revalidation

Fix vulnerabilities quickly and revalidate them faster using automation for alerts, creating tickets, delivering reports etc.

Augmented Collaboration

With ASPIA, Onboard your development and security teams into a platform for faster and secure business delivery

Enhanced threat intelligence

ASPIA’s continuous vulnerability management and prioritization enhance the enterprise threat intelligence

Discovery and Calibration
ASPIA performs the discovery and consolidation of vulnerabilities and assets through automation
Reporting & Prioritization
ASPIA delivers consolidated reports and helps to perform risk-based prioritization of the identified vulnerabilities
Ingestion & Visualization
ASPIA then Correlates and populates the identified vulnerabilities with respective assets for better risk visibility
Remediation & Revalidation
Mitigate the identified vulnerabilities by assigning them to respective users and derive revalidation from ASPIA

Contextualized and Automated Vulnerability Management system

ASPIA delivers a simplified, reliable, and efficient vulnerability management system.

ASPIA solves the tedious vulnerability management process through data unification and smart automation of tasks throughout the entire workflow.

Improve your approach to vulnerability management by leveraging an enhanced workflow blended with automation and simplification

Centralized management

Manage and monitor all vulnerabilities uncovered through scanning, penetration testing, or compliance audits all in one place using ASPIA.

Risk centric prioritization

ASPIA’s automated vulnerability management system ensures to perform risk-centric prioritization around the identified enterprise vulnerabilities.

Automated follow up and escalation

ASPIA ensures timely resolution of vulnerabilities with its automated follow up and escalation in case of configured remediation SLA breach.

Third-party integrations

ASPIA supports Integration with leading vulnerability-scanning and ticketing solutions, to streamline the vulnerability management process

Faster revalidation workflow

ASPIA fastens the vulnerability revalidation process by providing easy revalidation that can be triggered from the click of a button

Vulnerability database

ASPIA manages an internal Vulnerability database as per OWASP 10 guidelines to deduplicate and manage the vulnerabilities

Optimize vulnerability management with IT and threat intelligence.
Discover how companies prioritize and respond to threats quickly and efficiently.