Security Incident Management
Orchestrate an appropriate security response for every incident

Respond. Recover. PreventStreamlined Incident Management yields happy customers

With end-to-end response automation and frictionless postmortems, bring major incident best practices to your security incident management.

Cyber security incident management is a cycle that includes planning, detection, incident containment, mitigation, and recovery. The final phase entails learning from the incident to enhance the process and better prepare for future incidents.

ASPIA’s security Incident management enhances the enterprise’s security workflow by addressing key problems faster and preventing future incidents, thereby delivering a secure and improved customer experience.

ASPIA’s wide range of integrations ensures successful consolidation with the existing tools in the organization across SIEM, SOAR, Vulnerability Management, etc. to deliver end-to-end management of security incidents.

Improve Ability to face security incidents
Reduce applications and services downtime
Ensured Compliance adherence
Assess the Damage via Insights and Analytics

Proactive threat management

ASPIA ensures to help you understand the risk appetite of your enterprise and prioritizes severe threats in real-time

Prepare response strategy

ASPIA enhances your enterprise’s effectiveness, efficiency, skills, and strategies relating to cyber security

Develop enterprise resilience

ASPIA makes your enterprise react effectively and faster with collaborative workflow and various efficient processes

Awareness and prioritization

With ASPIA’s managed workflow, ensure to transform your enterprise by prioritizing enterprise security for everyone

ASPIA identifies the alerts and automatically creates the incidents from its platform.
ASPIA’s optimizes the response for all involved stakeholders to update on the progress.
ASPIA facilitates centralized diagnosis by risk-based prioritization and collating the incident information.
ASPIA records the resolution responses to prevent future incidents and ensure compliance.
security incident management

Respond Effectively to Security Incidents

ASPIA delivers effective automation for security incident management to help enterprises respond optimally to the incidents

An automated and simplified enterprise security incident response platform from ASPIA helps to address incidents, contain and eradicate attacks in a faster and more effective manner

Process orchestration

ASPIA ensures orchestrates of the overall process and delivers a smooth workflow of security Incident management.

Workflow automation

ASPIA automates the processes to ensure error-free and timely responses to critical security incidents.

Enriched dashboard

With ASPIA’s centralized dashboard view insights, always have a bird's eye view of your current security state.

Manage incidents with ease

ASPIA’s helps the enterprise to focus on the things that matter by delivering a holistically managing the security incidents

Forensics and compliance

ASPIA provides evidence traces related to the security incident for cyber forensics and delivers continuous compliance

Swift SIEM integration

ASPIA integrates with SIEM tools and automatically updates the alerts and SIEM data for enriched incident records