Infrastructure Security
Coherently Managed Infrastructure security
Network security and Infrastructure Security

Fortify your first line of defense

ASPIA helps organizations secure their valuable IT assets by strengthening the first line of defense i.e. network and infrastructure security.


APSIA’s network and infrastructure security services specialize in architecture reviews and comprehensive penetration testing of your network and computer systems, as well as the people aspect of information security.

While you’re reading this, attackers are continually attempting to infiltrate your network. Do you have the ability to put a stop to it?

Safeguard your sensitive IT and network infrastructure with ASPIA experts’ guided design and implementation of security controls.

01Protect the network

We protect and safeguard the host and end-users by implementing threat intelligence and security controls to keep the network secured from potential risks

02Network stability

We ensure maximum network uptime for users by deploying intrinsic controls to monitor, detect, and resolve any network related threat.

03Increased profits

With ASPIA’s network services you can assure maximum profits, while allowing your networks to run at peak efficiency at all times

Coherently Managed Infrastructure securityProtect your business and reputation

ASPIA delivers network and infrastructure security services aligned with your business requirements


We assess the network and infrastructure security through active testing and deliver granular insights about the identified network security weaknesses that may lead to potential vulnerabilities, privacy issues, monetary loss, and business risks.

ASPIA provides a holistic approach to network security by aligning the workflow based on the NIST, OWASP, SANS, and OSSTMM guidelines.
The following steps share the details of the network security testing:

Network security and Infrastructure Security
We conduct thorough discovery and perform enumeration of the host IP address ,ports, different services and digital footprints to identify possible weaknesses in your enterprise network
Based on the attack surface found, we execute an automated or manual exploitation process to discover vulnerabilities in the host and exploit them further to penetrate the network
After completing the exercise and identifying the vulnerabilities, we deliver a consolidated final report with granular insights for customers to setup efficient network security control measures

Together, let’s forethought network security

Review and assess your network security through network penetration tests, WAF and network gateway assessments to obtain clear visibility of the cyber threats

Network security assessment

ASPIA evaluates your overall network infrastructure for security vulnerabilities and presents you with a clear security overview of all assets

Enhanced email security

ASPIA services strengthen and protect your email gateway by blocking incoming threats and controlling outgoing communications.

VoIP risk assessment

ASPIA assesses your organization's resistance against contemporary VoIP threats that come with sensitive devices and networks

Server auditing and hardening

ASPIA guides you to apply network, Operating System, and storage level hardening policies to secure your servers and assets from potential threats

Wireless penetration testing

ASPIA conducts wireless security assessments to analyze, and provide defense mechanisms for the various wireless technologies

Intrusion detection and prevention

ASPIA deploys intrusion detection systems to analyze network traffic to identify and respond to threats quickly to thwart any incident in future