Cyber Resilience
Well-built cyber resilience to prevent cyber risks
cyber resilience

Protecting and recovering your critical technology

Is staying resilient as vital as transforming your business for you?

Staying prepared for unexpected threats with the power of cyber resilience can boost your enterprise growth continuously. ASPIA resilience services help you to identify and deliver Security, Quality, and Compliance of IT systems, applications, and infrastructure.

As per security experts’ opinion, cyber resilience is a must-have for every enterprise to maintain its security. ASPIA delivers services to enterprises with the ability to protect and sustain core business functions when experiencing a state of disruption due to cyber threats

01Protects and recovery

Robust cyber recovery strategies enhances operational resilience and helps to recover from cyber attack quickly

02Secure data and applications

Secure applications and information to allow your business to maintain regular operations even after a cyber attack

03Strengthen reliability

With the correct tools, technology, and abilities to cope with emergencies, you can maintain your company’s business continuity and reliability

Strengthen your cyber defenseTake an effective approach to resilience

ASPIA provides services to help its clients achieve resilience and maintain enterprise security.

Our experts know how to effectively control and contain increasing threats with minimal disruption to the business.

We organize, plan and test these comprehensive disaster recovery strategies primarily using the following process:

cyber resilience
ASPIA services Identify business-critical applications and their associated risks, assess business continuity and disaster recovery readiness
We help reduce the risk of system failure by putting physical and system access security controls in check for the enterprises
Effective alerts help to understand and address the problem before it becomes a widespread and cause a huge impact on the business
ASPIA examines strategies, procedures, and control measures related to cyber threat in the enterprises to prevent all outages
We help the organizations to restore business services quickly in the event of a disruption, and conduct post-incident reviews

Achieve resilience with the inside-out protection

ASPIA’s resilience service aids enterprises in designing as well as testing plans to recoup their critical systems and applications in the wake of Cyber-threats

Resilience readiness assessment

ASPIA's provides our customers a reliable methodology to assess the risks associated with the current cyber security architecture

Resilience audit services

ASPIA thoroughly examines the organization's resilience to discover threats and vulnerabilities that related to high-risk assets

Resilience awareness and training

ASPIA helps educate all employees (including non-cyber staff) about potential cyber threats and their roles in preventing them

Resilience implementation

Our team of experts helps to implement proper security controls and measures to ensure maximum resilience from cyber threats