Audit Management
Improve your audit workflow with audit planning and end-to-end management from a single platform
Audit Management

Take an Augmented Risk-Based Approach to Audits

ASPIA’s centralized platform provides a comprehensive risk-based approach to audit management and driving continuous workflow improvement.

ASPIA transforms audit management with its IIA-compliant web-based platform, ensuring end-to-end oversight of audits. The platform boosts audit quality, reduces costs, and enhances risk detection, improving overall compliance and operational efficiency. ASPIA’s user-friendly dashboard centralizes audit lifecycles, fostering agility, and its customizable workflow adapts to unique organizational needs, enabling automation.

This transformative tool streamlines processes, cuts costs, and elevates audit capabilities, positioning ASPIA as a catalyst for organizational success in a rapidly evolving landscape.

01Audit Preparedness

ASPIA’s robust documentation and audit trail features ensure organizations are well-prepared for regulatory audits, with readily accessible documentation for audit purposes.

02Compliance Simplified

Streamline compliance by testing controls once and adhering to multiple regulations using our unified framework.

03Proactive Issue Mitigation

ASPIA’s proactive regulatory compliance approach helps organizations identify and mitigate potential non-compliance issues before they turn into audit findings.

Planning & Preparation
ASPIA helps plan and prepare a consolidated audit plan that includes all audits to be performed along with the scope of each audit.
Reporting & Evaluation
ASPIA provides management with a consolidated audit report that includes audit findings, failed controls, and recommendations.
Execution & Fieldwork
ASPIA automates the collection of audit data, results, and data analysis for assessing organizational control measures.
Correction & Prevention
ASPIA assists in the execution of corrective and preventative activities required for risk resolution based on auditor recommendations.
audit management

Manage Audits workflows on one single simplified platform.

ASPIA’s centralized platform provides a comprehensive risk-based approach to manage audit findings and drive continuous audit workflow improvement.

With various ASPIA features we provide centralized, end-to-end workflow for managing the complete audit life cycle, including audit planning, checklists, evidence collection, and audit report delivery

Streamlined Audit Lifecycle

ASPIA streamlines the audit process, simplifying strategic planning, enhancing efficiency.

Centralized Evidence Management

ASPIA provides a secure and centralized hub for evidence collection.

Continuous Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of compliance status is a core feature of ASPIA.

Documentation Management

ASPIA offers a centralized repository for compliance documentation.

Automated Control Testing

ASPIA automates the regular testing of internal controls, ensuring adherence.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

ASPIA's Audit Trails feature comprehensive record for compliance audits.