Vulnerability Management
Manage vulnerabilities faster with efficient remediation
vulnerability management

In-depth vulnerability management

Our services help you manage the remediation of cyber threats to prevent exposure of your critical assets.

ASPIA delivers risk-based vulnerability management services as a step-by-step process to keep your data safe and sound, protect your brand value, and avoid any cyber-attack attacks on your business.

01Ample time saving

ASPIA services provide risk reduction, saves time and relieve your teams for more priority security initiatives

02Faster remediation

Effective ASPIA services result in granular insights to help your enterprise in mitigating vulnerabilities quickly

03Prioritize vulnerabilities

Prioritize the remediation of Vulnerabilities with the use of attack correlation, intelligence sources and benchmarks

Identify, Prioritize and Manage the VulnerabilitiesRisk-centric vulnerability management

ASPIA aids in prioritization, identification, and management of the vulnerabilities


ASPIA’s fully-managed vulnerability assessments are performed at customer-specified intervals to promptly and accurately detect vulnerabilities in your
network and applications.

ASPIA provides management of vulnerabilities with the following stages:

vulnerability management
Assess risk on the identified assets and correlate the vulnerabilities with respective assets to enhance enterprise risk visibility
Classify the discovered assets into categories and assign a risk-based ranking depending on their importance to the enterprise.
Assess risk on the identified assets and correlate the vulnerabilities severity with the asset classification to enhance enterprise risk visibility
Report delivery
Based on the CVSS and risk ratings of the vulnerabilities, comprehensive reports are delivered with he details and risk management controls.

Effective Vulnerability management services

Effective VM process makes your enterprise security intact.
Our VM services suite consists of:

Vulnerability scanning

ASPIA offers a suite of deployment, support, and scanning services to detect vulnerabilities at the required depth.

Vulnerability prioritization

Our security experts prioritize findings based on weaponized exploits and key risk factors such as asset value and exposure

Vulnerability validation

ASPIA experts thoroughly validate identified vulnerabilities in your enterprise, which can be overlooked and can lead to attacks.

On-demand scan requests

ASPIA provides on-demand scanning and assessment services, based on the enterprise environment changes