Cyber Risk Monitoring
Upgrading application risk monitoring and observability
cyber risk monitoring, resilience

Monitoring cyber risks of your enterprise applications

The Risk Monitoring services help you to identify and monitor cyber threats.

Cyber risk monitoring service includes observability recognizing potential cyber risks pertaining to the enterprise applications and implementing improvement efforts to alleviate cyber threats.

ASPIA’s risk Monitoring services are in compliance with NIST’s Risk Management Framework that evaluates and manages risks in your enterprise. With ASPIA’s risk monitoring stay up to date with all securities vulnerability’s data.

01Anticipate Cyber Threats

Avoid the cyber risks and anticipate the application centric cyber threats in advance

02Reduce Response time

Effectively lessen the response time in the event of cyber incidents, cyber outages and cyber attacks

03Granular Risk visibility

In-depth view of your cyber risk landscape with continuous monitoring, analytics, and insights.

Recognize, Assess, and Analyze your cyber riskProactive security with real-time risk monitoring

ASPIA strengthens security with real-time cyber risk monitoring to get simplified and useful insights.


ASPIA’s risk monitoring ensures Identifying current and future risks, implements effective improvement management, and enhances cyber performance.

ASPIA services help in risk monitoring services transformation, by applying the changes to the four key functional areas:

cyber risk monitoring
Organizations need to update their awareness of cyber risks at all levels.
Threat data
Continuous monitoring delivers data to help business risk event detection.
Transform the data
Identified data is transformed into Analytics to enhance monitoring
Proactive monitoring
Continuous monitoring delivers data to help business risk event detection.

Identify, monitor, and avert high-impact risks

ASPIA assists in identifying, monitoring, and resolving security risks that may compromise enterprise securities applications data

Cyber endpoints monitoring

ASPIA enables enterprise endpoint monitoring with the use of Popular endpoint security monitoring tools such as EDR and EPP.

Security program evaluation

ASPIA services assess your security program in order to prioritize investments, boost resilience, and decrease risk.

Risk evaluation

ASPIA services navigate the complicated cyber risk landscape by providing objective, analytical, and actionable risk insights.

Holistic risk visibility

ASPIA cyber risk monitoring service provides you with a 360-degree visibility with internal and external risk evaluations