Identity Management
Assurance of legit digital identities in the data-driven world
digital identity management

Integrating and managing your digital identities

We assist organizations to increase business agility, manage identities through our digital identity management services

Digital identity management services are used to manage and represent the information of a  specific individual or asset. ASPIA delivers and enhances Identity Management by augmenting the digital identities with  potential risks and managing the activities of the users who have access to the enterprise information

  • 72% of the companies believe that Identity management services are efficient to use the best Cyber defense.
  • 69% of users state that the price to protect ourselves from future cyber vulnerabilities is unparalleled.

01Secure digital identities

Secure identity management safeguards digital identities in an effective manner helping to lower the risk of data loss and identity theft

02Enhanced productivity

Effective identity management allows employees to securely access the corporate resources from anywhere with minimal effort, leading to enhanced productivity

03Reduced human errors

The surface of human mistakes is minimized by deploying digital identity management as you need not to manually manage identities, and resource access

04Instil customer trust

Authentication and encryption helps secure consumer data and digital identities, helping to boost customer trust in your organization and services

Federate, Secure and AuthorizeSecurity with attested digital Identities

We help in digital identity management to stay secure from cyber security threats.


ASPIA provides its expert assistance in designing, monitoring, and implementing Digital Identity services providing access to corporate workers, partners, customers, and suppliers.
With ASPIA’s comprehensive identity management services you can ensure no compromise on security, privacy, and compliance for your enterprise.

digital identity management
Onboard a digital identity asset into the organization when they join your organization.
Configure authentication methods (tokens,passwords etc.) and define the resources identity is entitled to access
Define policies to govern granular level access to how the resources can be accessed by the identities
Allow identities to manage their passwords and authentication methods by enabling self-service
After the relationship ends with the organization, ensure to deprovision and remove all access to resources

Enhance experience and secure digital identities efficiently

ASPIA helps to embed the complete identity lifecycle and ensures that the right access is granted only to the right identity.

Streamline processes

Implement digital identity management that integrates throughout the organization's activities and goals to deliver a better user experience

Federated identity services

We help set up a single, integrated and harmonized access point based on SAML 2.0, ADFS and OpenID Connect to enable secure access to your enterprise applications

Implement effective IAM

ASPIA provides assistance in implementing Identity and Access Management solutions to ensure only authorized personnel access the requested resource

Digital identity lifecycle

ASPIA enables organizations to automatically manage the end-to-end lifecycle of digital identities, right from when they onboard till the separation.