Data Protection
Adapt efficacious strategies for data security
data protection

Powerful data protection for the enterprises

ASPIA helps you secure your data and sensitive information across your organization

ASPIA data protection solutions help prevent data loss, theft, or corruption and minimize damage caused in the event of a breach.ASPIA observes, maintains, and ensures the protection of enterprise data and ensures a reduction in data breaches.

Keeping sensitive data and information protected is the topmost concern of every enterprise. We help in protecting critical data against corruption, compromise, or loss and providing the capacity to restore the data to a functioning condition.

01Safeguard Valuable Data

Lower the chances of data breaches and safeguard valuable information, trade secrets

02Continuous Availability

Ensure maximum uptime of your applications by preventing unauthorized access to your data

03Sustain user Trust

The Trust of users stays intact as you are able to protect their confidential information in a secure manner

04Adhered Compliance

Be compliant to various international laws around protection of personal data

Safeguard your data against corruption, compromise and lossMaintaining the integrity of data

ASPIA data protection solutions help ensure data safety, data integrity, high availability.

Our services help you in complying with data regulatory compliance standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, etc.
ASPIA enables protection with a data-centric approach and optimizes data control with encryption solutions.

ASPIA services deliver a holistic approach comprising of:

data protection
Security ontrols
ASPIA implements data encryption, hashing, tokenization, authentication, and key management procedures to safeguard data throughout the enterprise.
Traditional methods
ASPIA enables the practice of traditional protection methods such as backup/restore, replication, archive, and physical storage.
Data privacy policies
ASPIA ensures users' data privacy by developing guidelines compliant with data privacy standards such as GDPR, PCI-DSS etc for use of sensitive information

We deliver Integrated Data Security

ASPIA aids you in taking preventive steps to protect your data and sensitive information.

App data protection services

ASPIA offers effective tools to implement data protection in order to keep the application data secured

Clustering and high availability

ASPIA adopts various data protection techniques and ensures data is secure and has high availability when required

Data risk management

ASPIA services aid the enterprise in
monitoring, identifying, and mitigating the data-related risks with on-site management

Safeguard virtual infrastructure

ASPIA's preventive measures safeguard the virtual infrastructure with data footprints, backups and masking sensitive data.

Business continuity services

ASPIA’s Continuous storage backups, in-depth checks, and archives help in maintaining data integrity and business continuity.

Enterprise data compliance

ASPIA offers managed protection and retention in accordance with compliance standards such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR etc