Simplify Enterprise Security with Intelligent Automation
Empower your organization with enhanced cyber resilience and risk management capabilities to achieve business agility and faster response to threats

01Recurring manual security processes

Manage security workflow with ASPIA and reduce the burden of manual efforts

02Dreadful security forecast due to overlooked insights

With ASPIA, you can get detailed and accurate metrics about your security state

03Laborious task of managing risks

Put an end to the tiresome work of tracking and prioritizing risks every day with ASPIA

ASPIA Infotech automate security workflow
security orchestration automation

Security Orchestration Automation

Achieve better security faster, with powerful automation!!

Security orchestration automation from ASPIA offers, Automatic Data aggregation, alerting, reporting, and ticketing to guarantee an intelligent systemization of security and vulnerability management. Enhance your enterprise security using  ASPIA by obtaining a clear security state overview.

ASPIA combines all the asset information, and vulnerability data from scanning tools, and generates threat intelligence for teams to eliminate laborious manual data analysis and accelerate decision-making and prioritization – all at no additional cost

Simplified Enterprise Risk Management

Simplify your security with a unified and comprehensive approach

ASPIA’s Assets consolidation, Vulnerability correlation and deduplication capabilities upgrade your risk management processes by providing you with simplified metrics and actionable insights about the security of your organization.
Save time and resources
Security resilience and agility
Vulnerability prioritization and remediation

AutomationData aggregation & representation

ASPIA integrates existing tools in your security stack, creating a centralized hub for managing security orchestration.

SimplificationContextualize and normalize insights

With ASPIA intelligence you can foresee the vulnerabilities of your enterprise via detailed reports, graphs, and smart metrics

RemediationPrioritization and resolution

ASPIA’s continuous monitoring, alerts, and risk-based vulnerability prioritization help to remediate vulnerabilities faster and protect the assets.

Visibility | Intelligence | AutomationRisk-centric Vulnerability Management

ASPIA helps InfoSec, Operations, and development teams to better protect organizations by controlling risk in real-time.
ASPIA provides risk-based remedial suggestions, a comprehensive view of the existing security state, and proactive insights for vulnerability remediation
security orchestration automation
Save time and money
Automation and simplification of processes help you save a lot of resources
Unified platform
Holistic view of the vulnerabilities, assets, and risk assessment details on one platform
Enhance productivity
With ASPIA, enterprises can focus on what matters most with less burden of manual efforts
Refined risk forecast
Get accurate risk forecasts by granular security insights and a comprehensive view of risks

Manage security workflow

Ingest Vulnerabilities & Asset Data

Visualization and Prioritization

Accelerated Remediation & Revalidation

Unified platform for vulnerability ingestion, analysis, and remediationEmpowering your cybersecurity with innovation

We perform security orchestration to prioritize and fix vulnerabilities quickly and maintain a low-risk appetite for your Enterprise


ASPIA integrates with a wide range of 3rd party applications to deliver a proactive approach to enterprise security


With a single window view, you can aggregate and centralize security practices, assets, and vulnerabilities data


Get around-the-clock data synchronization with your security stack, reducing the efforts to oversee the vulnerability management


With ASPIA’s centralized collaboration your enterprise security workflow is smarter, more efficient and better connected


Present your enterprise leadership with a holistic view of the security state and enriched security insights


ASPIA's Risk-based Prioritization enables enterprises to make better informed, risk-driven decisions for vulnerability management.