Third Party Risk Management
Optimizing Organizational Resilience through Dynamic Third-Party Risk Management
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Secure your supply chain so that third-party risk don’t go unnoticed

Approximately 60% of cybersecurity breaches are attributed to vulnerabilities originating from third-party vendors

Recent statistics reveal that an alarming 60% of cybersecurity breaches are directly linked to vulnerabilities introduced by third-party vendors. In response to this pressing issue, ASPIA’s solution emerges as a proactive and comprehensive strategy, tailored to fortify organizations against potential risks originating from external partnerships.

ASPIA’s approach involves meticulous assessment and continuous monitoring of third-party vendors, ensuring that security practices align with the dynamic nature of modern cyber threats. This solution functions as a preemptive shield, allowing organizations to identify and rectify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

01Cost Savings

Minimize financial losses and reputational damage by proactively managing third-party risks, reducing the likelihood of costly security incidents and associated fallout.

02Efficiency and Automation

Increase operational efficiency through automated processes for vendor risk assessments, allowing organizations to manage a larger number of third-party relationships effectively.

03Strategic Decision Support

Gain insights into the overall risk landscape associated with third-party relationships, enabling informed and strategic decision-making to protect organizational interests.

Don’t miss a crack in the supply chain Third-Party Risk Management Simplified

ASPIA's Third-Party Risk Management solution simplifies and aggregates all the vendor-specific risks so that you don't have to dig them out.

Emphasizing resilience, ASPIA’s Third-Party Risk Management Solution not only addresses the vulnerabilities leading to breaches but also lays the groundwork for a steadfast cybersecurity posture.

By integrating this solution, organizations can navigate the complexities of the interconnected business landscape with confidence, safeguarding sensitive data, preserving brand reputation, and ensuring the overall security of their digital assets.

ASPIA Third Party Risk Management
Assessment Management
Conduct thorough assessments of third-party vendors to evaluate their security measures, compliance with regulations, and overall risk profile.
Continuous Monitoring
Implement real-time monitoring mechanisms to track changes in third-party risk profiles, ensuring ongoing awareness and prompt response to potential issues.
Due Diligence Automation
Automate the due diligence process for onboarding new vendors, streamlining the evaluation of their credentials and adherence to security standards.
Risk Scoring and Prioritization
Assign risk scores to third-party entities based on various factors, facilitating prioritization and focused attention on high-risk vendors.
Contractual Tracking
Monitor and enforce contractual obligations related to security and compliance, ensuring that third parties adhere to agreed-upon standards.

Secure your Supply chain today!

Don't leave your supply chain vulnerable—take proactive steps to secure it today, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a robust and protected business foundation.

Enhance Security Posture

Mitigate the risk of security breaches by ensuring risks associated with third-party.

Operational Resilience

Strengthen operational resilience by identifying and addressing potential dependency risks.

Regulatory Compliance

Align with regulatory requirements by monitoring and enforcing compliance standards.

Cost Savings

Minimize financial losses and reputational damage by proactively managing third-party risks.