Threat Intelligence
Enhancing Enterprise Threat intelligence with agility
threat intelligence

Strengthen your defense against cyber attacks with threat intelligence

Industry-leading threat intelligence services to detect and predict potential cyber risks and insider threats.

As organizations go digital, the threat intelligence of cyber-attacks is on the rise. As a result, it’s critical for enterprises to recognize such risks and respond quickly to any potential cyber-attacks.

Our team of experts leverages the power of machine learning tools and behavior analytics to detect suspicious anomalies, insider threats and data breaches within your organization.

01Updated status quo of cyber threats

ASPIA helps the enterprise to stay updated regarding the current state of the cyber security of the organization and the level of threat

02Keeps you ahead of cyber threats

Helps to stay ahead of cyber threats.ASPIA services enable you to effectively be proactive regarding future cyber threats

03Beneficial decision making

Threat Intelligence service also promotes the action of taking immediate remediation for mitigating threats

Comprehensive aggregated IntelligenceEssential threat intelligence for security

ASPIA's intelligence services gather all data on the potential and existing threats in the enterprise.

The efficient cyber intelligence services help the enterprises be aware of the potential threats and help them stay protected against them.

At ASPIA we follow a 5-step process to achieve intelligence related to threats:

threat intelligence
Prioritize your intelligence objectives based on their alignment with your organization's business values
Gather intelligence data from a variety of sources, including internal, external, and technological sources
After gathering the raw data, structure and filter out redundant information, false positives and negatives
Process, normalize and visualize the collected data as per the intelligence requirements
Ensure Actionable intelligence is delivered to the organization in order to perform preventive actions

Data-driven threat intelligence services

We deliver advanced intelligence related to threats, protecting your business from sophisticated cyber-attacks

Threat insights delivery

ASPIA services provide threat insights from the internet and dark web and guidance for the specific threats and potential threats that your enterprise possesses


ASPIA services boost the management to take quick action to reduce the enterprise's digital risks, enabling the staff to focus on more important tasks.

Threat landscape monitoring

ASPIA offers services to observe and monitor the enterprise environment around the clock to ensure detailed and accurate assessment

Dark web hunting

ASPIA dark web hunting services continuously search the surface, deep, and dark web for illegal activities that may be targeting your enterprise's proprietary data.