Application Security
Proactive, reliable & smart application security

Single application security console, Minimal Management EffortAmplify Application Security

Enhance the security of the enterprise applications by infusing Automation and Simplification into your assessment process

Managing application security assessments, identifying vulnerabilities, and implementing an application security strategy from different platforms can often be difficult and time-consuming, Application security orchestration is the solution.

ASPIA’s smart automation and simplification provides you access to a centralized platform with comprehensive analytics data and overall control of the application security process.

With ASPIA, now have full visibility of vulnerabilities and easily coordinate the people, processes, and tools involved. ASPIA also provides you with the agility to manage corporate risks effectively while meeting reporting and compliance requirements.

Avoid unwarranted application security risks.
Achieve scalable, automated and data driven application security
Bridge the gap between development and security teams
Compliance driven assessment process

Reduced security risk

Maintain the security of enterprise applications with ASPIA to reduce security risks and avoid data breaches

Ship secure code

Deliver secure applications consistently with ASPIA by achieving 2x faster vulnerability remediation

Distinct insights

Identify, correlate, and visualize assessment data to ascertain the current state of security for your applications

Simplified workflow

End-to-end application security orchestration platform simplifies the security evaluation

Perform end-to-end security assessment of applications from ASPIA
ASPIA automatically performs risk-centric prioritization of vulnerabilities
Calibrate the findings and present the security overview of all the applications
Perform faster vulnerability remediation with ASPIA issue tracking capabilities
ASPIA Application security

Augment and Uplift your Application Security

A collaborative platform for IT security, leadership, and development teams.

Manage application security orchestration assessments and vulnerabilities with ASPIA to achieve structured, measurable workflows and a better security posture

Manage engagements

Streamline your application security workflow by scheduling your engagements as per your development lifecycle

Centralized platform

Manage all of your current and historical security assessment data from ASPIA’s centralized repository

Effortless revalidation

Resolve security issues in your applications faster by initializing security re-validations with the click of a button

Vulnerability management

Mature resilience by managing vulnerabilities efficiently with automatic alerts, follow-ups, and escalation options

Coherent integrations

ASPIA offers seamless integrations by ingesting existing data from enterprise tools and security sources

Exception management

Set exception management SLAs and let ASPIA improve the exception workflow with smart automation

Streamline application security with integrated risk management.
Learn how companies protect their assets and improve response times.