ASPIA for Application Security Posture Management

In this case study, we are sharing details on how ASPIA helped Europe’s leading steel wire manufacturer organization with its Application Security Posture Management. ASPIA is a centralized collaborative platform that helps organizations manage the security posture of their applications. The product is designed to automate the process of identifying, prioritizing, and addressing vulnerabilities and threats in applications. To learn more about the importance of ASPM, please visit the blog for Application Security Posture Management (ASPM).

The company has employees around the globe and has a large number of applications, both in-house and third-party, that are used by its employees, customers, and partners. The company’s IT team is responsible for maintaining the security of these applications.


  • In the past, the organization faced several security breaches due to vulnerabilities in its applications. These breaches resulted in financial losses, reputational damage, and legal consequences for the company.
  • The company’s IT team did not have a formal process in place for identifying and managing application security risks. They relied on ad-hoc measures and periodic security assessments to identify vulnerabilities. However, these measures were not sufficient to keep up with the rapidly changing threat landscape.
  • The company did not have a dedicated security team and the IT team had limited expertise in application security. This made it difficult for them to effectively address the security risks in the applications.



To address these challenges, the company implemented ASPIA for Application Security Posture Management. The product provided the following benefits:

  • Automated security assessments: The product automated the process of conducting security assessments of the company’s applications. It used a combination of automated tools and manual testing methods to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize them based on their severity.
  • Remediation recommendations: The product provided recommendations on how to fix the identified vulnerabilities. These recommendations included applying patches, updating software, and implementing security controls.
  • Continuous monitoring: The product continuously monitored the security posture of the applications and alerted the IT team if it detected any new vulnerabilities or threats.
  • Expertise and resources: The product provided access to a team of application security experts who could assist the IT team in implementing the remediation measures. It also provided access to a library of resources, such as best practices and guidelines, to help the IT team build expertise in application security.



The implementation of the ASPIA Product for Application Security Posture Management resulted in significant improvements in Company’s application security posture. The company was able to significantly reduce the number of security breaches and incidents, which resulted in reduced financial losses and reputational damage. The IT team was also able to build expertise in application security, which helped them address security risks more effectively.



ASPIA for ASPM helped the organization effectively manage the security posture of its applications. The automated security assessments and remediation recommendations provided by the product made it easier for the IT team to identify and address vulnerabilities and threats. The continuous monitoring and access to expertise and resources also helped the IT team stay on top of the rapidly changing threat landscape. If you are looking to improve the security posture of your organization’s applications, consider using a product like ASPIA.


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