Security Operations Center
Efficient security operations center for immediate action
security operation center

Reduce risk, detect and respond rapidly to cyber threats

We provide around-the-clock cyber threat monitoring to achieve effective risk management

A security operations center (SOC) has a specialized security team equipped with an array of security technologies that are utilized by the individuals who work there to assist, prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attacks.

ASPIA SOC services provide powerfully, next-generation managed threat detection and incident response services 24 hours a day, seven days a week to protect your company from evolving cyber threats.

01Boosting security maturity

Ensure higher reliability and improved enterprise security with managed SOC services by relieving yourself from all your security burdens.

02Risk recognition and remediation

SOC services monitor security round the clock with automation, resulting in acceleration of identificationand remediation of cyber threats.


Managed SOC services help your enterprise save a lot of money as compared to the in-house SOC staff and operating expenses.

Round the clock security Managed SOC for smooth business operations

ASPIA SOC services help organizations identify and remediate cyber risks around the clock.

ASPIA SOC services act as a virtual extension of in-house resources, our SOC services relieve the enterprise of all the day-to-day security-centric managerial responsibilities helping them to focus on core business objectives.

ASPIA’s security operations center services help to and aid in generating excellent desired results.

security operation center
Our team of professionals assesses customers’ business requirements and capability compared with security operations best practices.
Develop and design
We develop people, design processes and technology to deliver business objectives and provide clear process roadmap as per the business needs
We help customers onboard to the managed SOC services by following best practices and proven procedures aligned with the company requirements
Our skilled security professionals manage measurable, repeatable and continually improve security operations to strengthen enterprise security state

The force behind your cybersecurity program

ASPIA’s 24x7x365 SOC services deliver timely and actionable intelligence to build effective cybersecurity programs
ASPIA provides key functional services to manage the cyber security operations smoothly:

Incident prevention

ASPIA SOC services observe future threats collate and analyze this information and use it to identify threats and remove them before they cause disruption

Alert analysis and review

We help the enterprises to analyze the alerts and investigate them in order to validate possible cyber threats to ensure maximum enterprise security

Technology deployment

Implementation and Management of technologies and processes for risk-aligned detection, incident handling, and privileged user monitoring to ensure Security

Security event monitoring

SOC services help in identifying threats across an enterprise's IT environment with continuous monitoring of network traffic, event logs, and endpoint activity.