Cyber Architecture
Delivering Intrinsic cyber security architectures with ensured Security
security incident management

Safeguarding your enterprise infrastructure

ASPIA's comprehensive, business-aligned corporate cybersecurity architecture services enhance your company's value.

The technological landscape is always evolving and each organization has distinct requirements. Thus, A cybersecurity architecture may either greatly assist or hinder your personnel’ work.  The conception of cyber security architecture and engineering integrates the tools, methods, and systems required to strengthen enterprise security.

ASPIA implementation services deliver industry-leading security architectural designs and enterprise infrastructure deployment to aid your organization in strengthening its cybersecurity posture.

01Tailored architecture

Configure your security architecture aligned to your business needs using a combination of people, procedures, and technology.

02Augmented compliance

ASPIA’s Cybersecurity architecture services design enterprise security architectures as per the compliance requirements and business needs

03Secured today and better future

Infusing your cybersecurity architecture with adaptive security controls to combat future challenges as well.

Efficient, Protective and SecureUshering the new security architecture framework

We make your path to reaching business goals secure and risk-free.

With ASPIA’s experience in managing large and complex environments, our
experts brings you the skills you need to secure your enterprise architecture.

ASPIA’s designed cyber security architecture adheres to all seven principles of the Zero Trust security model and are compliant with NIST, CIS, CSA, SANS, standards.

ASPIA cybersecurity architecture
Establish objectives
ASPIA experts connect to understand determine if the current architecture in accordance with the security, compliance and business requirements.
Define approach
Based on various standards and aligned business objectives, ASPIA defines the approach to design and implement security architecture.
Develop architecture
We consolidate and develop a secure, robust, and resilient cybersecurity architecture as per organization’s compliance and business needs.
Review efficiency
After the architecture is designed we perform a thorough review of security architecture in place and evaluate the effectiveness of the controls in place

Delivering adaptive & resilient cybersecurity architecture

ASPIA services follow a dynamic approach to architect cybersecurity to deliver continuous, context-aware and coordinated enterprise security.

Security architecture review

ASPIA delivers a comprehensive assessment of your overall security architecture from endpoint security to protecting data at rest.

Architecture roadmap

ASPIA develops detailed roadmap for deploying the processes and technology required to bring your security architecture up to speed

Security technology research

Our security experts find the technology that best fits your security architecture needs to create a consolidated report

Technology implementation

ASPIA team implements and customizes your preferred security architecture depending on your policies and available resources.