Risk Management
Monitor, assess, and perform third party risk management

Secure your enterprise ecosystem from external risks

Identify, analyze and perform the third party risk management before they try to exploit your enterprise data

Third Party Risk Management is a vital element of any risk management program since it entails identifying and controlling the risks associated with outsourcing or dealing with third-party vendors, suppliers, contractors, or service providers.

It’s critical to be aware of any threats and vulnerabilities that any relationships may expose the firm to. ASPIA helps you with everything you’ll need to create, design, and apply policies and processes for identifying and managing these threats.

01Enhanced security posture

ASPIA protects your enterprise as the forefront warriors from third-party cyber risks resulting in an enhanced security state

02Improve business delivery

ASPIA help you stay secure and setup best practices for effective vendor relationship management to improve business delivery


ASPIA services are designed to establish accountability from Third parties by logging their actions while they access your information.

04Automation at its best

ASPIA automates the process and helps you scale across the cybersecurity threat landscape and focus where it affects the most.

Identify, Manage and EvaluateSecure all third party relationships

80% of legal and compliance leaders identified risks after initial onboarding and diligence

With ASPIA’s assistance, you can have access to the best-in-class third-party vulnerabilities management services managed by experienced security professionals to stay risk-free.

We ensure to identify, and analyze the third party risks before they try to exploit your enterprise data. ASPIA’s approach to handle TPRM comprises of following steps:

Save time and money
Automation and simplification of processes help you save a lot of resources
Unified platform
Holistic view of the vulnerabilities, assets, and risk assessment details on one platform
Enhance productivity
With ASPIA services, focus on what matters most with less burden of manual efforts
Refined risk forecast
Get accurate risk forecasts by granular security insights and a comprehensive view of risks

Comprehensive risk management services

ASPIA’s comprehensive risk management services help you manage the risks posed by contractors, business partners, and suppliers through a framework of strategic, operational, and reporting activities.

Risk Identification and Categorization

We help you to identify and categorize a wide range of risk issues, such as cyber, privacy, information security, and operational risks.

Supply chain risk management

Organization-centric supply chain risk management aids you to safeguard enterprises by identifying, analyzing, and security risks posed by third parties

Third party monitoring & assessment

ASPIA services provide a continuous monitoring and evaluation of third-party relationships throughout their lifespan in the company.

Technology Implementation services

ASPIA assists clients in selecting and implementing risk management technologies to deliver consistent and efficient third-party risk management.