Governance Risk and Compliance
Better business delivery with tailored approach to GRC
Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Breeze through governance risk and compliance

ASPIA drives the Governance, risk, and compliance with a pragmatic approach

As businesses rapidly adopt cutting-edge technology, they become more vulnerable to cyberattacks, vulnerabilities, and dangers that might jeopardize their operations. As a strategic outcome, businesses are attempting to select services that can handle both regulatory compliance and cybersecurity concerns. GRC solutions help the enterprises in reducing the risks of cyberattacks and in defending the enterprise with well-designed, comprehensive, and effectively implemented policies.
Strike a perfect blend between risk management, compliance, and corporate security. ASPIA provides compliance and risk management services, effective audits and assessments, the GRC program, and a variety of other useful services for company safety.


GRC provides instant and long-term risk resolution while enabling for a flexible and stable control structure.

02Informative decisions

Holistic approach to GRC helps the organization to be in a better position to make more intelligent and productive decisions.

03Reduced costs

With the implementation of GRC initiatives, consolidated controls, and visualized GRC roadmap organizations can save significant costs.

We are a leading GRC Service ProviderTake a lead with compliant GRC services

ASPIA GRC services blend risk management, compliance, and corporate security.

At ASPIA we follow the OCEG open-source standard GRC model compatible with various functional frameworks such as COSO, ISACA, IIA, NIST, etc.

ASPIA experts help you steer smoothly with following GRC stages to ensure better regulatory compliance and Governance:

Governance, Risk, and Compliance
ASPIA assists in the initial step of determining objectives, strategy, and actions by gathering knowledge of the organization's setting, culture, and key stakeholders.
As the next step, ASPIA assists in aligning strategy with objectives and activities through effective decision-making.
Effective controls from ASPIA assist in the prevention and correction of unforeseen events, as well as detection of such events through constant monitoring.
In the final phase, ASPIA verifies the strategy's design and operational efficacy, as well as the continuous relevance of objectives to strengthen the organization.

Reduce risk, manage costs and minimize compliance burdens

ASPIA GRC services integrate the business, security, and IT teams to enable risk-informed decision making in your organization.

Compliance management services

ASPIA’s compliance management services help streamline regulatory and policy compliance for attaining impeccable enterprise workflow.

GRC implementation and support

With the deployment of ASPIA's sophisticated GRC methodologies, you can achieve in-depth monitoring and better risk observability.

Governance and risk management

ASPIA’s governance and risk management service aid in performing audits and assessments to safeguard enterprise security.

In-depth audit and assessment services

With ASPIA, you can assure comprehensive audits and assessment procedures focusing on regulatory compliance, cyber security, IT governance etc.