Cyber Attack Simulation
Augmenting Enterprise Cyber Attack remediation response
cyber attack simulation

Delivering resilience with cyber attack simulation

Cyber attack simulation validates the enterprise's skills of detection and response towards the cyber threats

A simulated cyber attack is an organized and controlled simulation of a network intrusion, which provides a unique opportunity to test the effectiveness of an enterprise’s ability to detect and respond to the incident. Based on the real-life attack scenario, an organization will simulate

ASPIA security experts simulate cyber attacks based on the real-life attack scenario by employing well-defined tactics, methods, and procedures in order to successfully imitate a realistic threat.

01Experience a real cyber attack

With ASPIA endure an attack simulation that seems all too real to put your security procedures and control measures to the test.

02Explore security loopholes

With real time cyber attack scenarios by ASPIA, discover all the security issues and loopholes in the existing system.

03Brace for the future impact

ASPIA services prepare enterprises for bracing for the impact of a cyber-attack with minimal business impact.

Enterprise Security Deception Monitor, and improve cyber security vigilance

ASPIA's cyber attack simulation measures the detection and response time of your enterprise.

Our team of security experts carries out an attack simulation to evaluate the security operation team’s detection and response capabilities. We provide a details of the procedures employed, as well as recommendations to resolve gaps.

We use stealth and evasion techniques to compromise your organization and achieve predetermined objectives. With ASPIA expertise we can carry out the attack with the following methodology:

cyber attack simulation
Attack planning
ASPIA OSINT gathers and recon publicly available information to plan and prepare for the simulation of attack
Attack modeling
We develop an execution strategy and attack scenarios to derive the cyber attack simulation.
Attack execution
A real-time cyber-attack simulation and threat exploitation is carried out to test the cyber resilience of the enterprise
Report and review
Consolidate findings and deliver test results to all stakeholders, Update on how the vulnerabilities can be mitigated

Prepare the defense with cyber attack simulation

Empowering organizations to prepare business continuity and crisis response plans to proactively respond to cyber threats.

Reconnaissance services

ASPIA helps in collecting information and knowledge about the target for cyber-attack simulation using various tools NMAP, WOLA in Kali Linux, etc.

CART services

ASPIA delivers Continuous Attack Surface Discovery and Testing (CART) services to scale attack simulation and conduct it seamlessly on a continuous basis.

Social engineering services

ASPIA social engineering services help the enterprise to measure the loopholes and gaps in the security process by testing employees with customized phishing threats

Red teaming

Using advanced cyber threat emulation, the ASPIA Red team evaluates your security operation blue team’s detection and response capabilities