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ASPIA helped one of India’s leading entertainment industry giants with PAN India operations to validate their enterprise security. ASPIA security testing services team performed external security assessments for their enterprise infrastructure and applications. 


The customer needed to validate the security controls deployed within their assets and IT infrastructure and to address the following concerns:

  • Validate the effectiveness of safeguard controls to protect sensitive data of the enterprise. In order to protect the company’s reputation from any potential data loss.
  • Conduct external vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of the client’s infrastructure and applications
  • Execute effective grey box and black box testing of the enterprise assets.
  • Test security of web, mobile, and thick client applications that allowed the customers to use their services, that process, and store user’s personal information, financial records, etc.



  • The ASPIA team performed vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of the client’s infrastructure, and applications(web, mobile, and thick client) with the testing tools compliant with the ethical hacking methodology.
  • Our security experts performed application penetration testing based on OWASP and SANS25 guidelines.
  • The ASPIA team also chose the black-box testing model and simulated various near real-time cyber-attacks.
  • ASPIA security testing services team followed a combination of automated and manual approaches to conduct a thorough security assessment.



  • After completing the security assessment ASPIA team delivered a comprehensive assessment report along with the vulnerabilities elimination strategy.
  • ASPIA elevated clients’ trust and satisfaction because of the proactive security improvement in their applications.
  • ASPIA team delivered a detailed remediation plan, that helped the client to increase the overall level of enterprise security 
  • The management team was able to make efficient and prioritized decisions for vulnerability resolution and have clear visibility into their security state.

With ASPIA security testing services, the client got comprehensive reports on the security risk assessment of the applications, servers, firewall, and internal network.

Our security experts performed retesting after the client addressed all the vulnerabilities according to the suggested remediation plan. The revalidations showed an elevated security level of the network’s external perimeter and internal environment.