Audit Management
Improve your audit workflow with audit planning and end-to-end management from a single platform

Complete end-to-end management of auditsTake an Augmented Risk-Based Approach to Audits

ASPIA’s centralized platform provides a comprehensive risk-based approach to audit management and driving continuous workflow improvement.

ASPIA provides audit management through its automated web-based platform that complies with IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors) standards and provides end-to-end management of the whole audit life-cycle.

With ASPIA you can increase quality, reduce costs, and detect risk across the audit lifecycle, helping you to improve compliance and operational efficiency.

Manage your audit lifecycle and all risk analyses in one platform with ASPIA, which manages the audit process from its dashboard with simplicity, leading to greater project agility and value.

Companies may create a flexible, scalable, and customized audit workflow. With ASPIA, you could automate or adapt the audit procedure based on your organization’s particular needs.

Significantly improve the audit data quality
Reduce the chances of human errors
Reduce efforts duplication with reduced paperwork
Streamline all types of audits(Quality, Internal, Compliance etc.)

Advanced audit preparation

ASPIA helps the enterprise to be prepared in advance for intensive cyber threats through continuous audits and planning

Increased business productivity

ASPIA helps to enhance the enterprise security team's productivity with its automation and smart risk management workflows

Eliminate recurring results

ASPIA delivers distinct insights with the automated consolidation and deduplication of findings

Improved decision making

Enterprises make efficient risk management decisions on the basis of detailed assessment reports and clear security state visibility from ASPIA

Planning & Preparation
ASPIA helps plan and prepare a consolidated audit plan that includes all audits to be performed along with the scope of each audit.
Reporting & Evaluation
ASPIA provides management with a consolidated audit report that includes audit findings, failed controls, and recommendations.
Execution & Fieldwork
ASPIA automates the collection of audit data, results, and data analysis for assessing organizational control measures.
Correction & Prevention
ASPIA assists in the execution of corrective and preventative activities required for risk resolution based on auditor recommendations.
audit management

Centralized and holistic approach to Audits

ASPIA’s centralized platform provides a comprehensive risk-based approach to manage audit findings and drive continuous audit workflow improvement.

With various ASPIA features we provide centralized, end-to-end workflow for managing the complete audit life cycle, including audit planning, checklists, field data gathering, and audit report delivery

Managed audit workflow

ASPIA helps enterprises to automate and simplify the process by managing the creation, planning, scoping, and execution of audits.

Evidence management

ASPIA manages evidence related to an audit, the evidence is consolidated and stored securely for use in the audit lifecycle.

Smart remediation management

ASPIA's smart remediation, visualization, and tracking of timelines ensure to deliver quality audits.

Centralized platform for all

With ASPIA, you can manage all audit-centric aspects in one place, including planning, and reporting.

Real-time progress tracking

Envision audit timelines and measure engagement with real-time audit progress insights from ASPIA.

Audit test plan creation

Create comprehensive audit compliant test plans in ASPIA to drive the standardized audit workflow.