GRC Automation
Streamline your GRC process with integrated planning and management from unified platform.

Simplify Automate & orchestrate GRC Plan, manage, and streamline your GRC

ASPIA's platform offers a centralized, comprehensive management of Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) workflow.

ASPIA provides GRC management through its automated web-based platform that complies with OCEG standards and provides end-to-end management of the complete GRC workflow.

With ASPIA you can increase quality, reduce costs, and detect risk across the GRC lifecycle. Along with the ability to track, prioritize and monitor risks effectively helps enterprises to improve compliance and operational efficiency.

With ASPIA’s Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) workflows and risk analysis, you can manage the GRC process easily, leading to greater project value.

Enterprises are able to orchestrate a flexible, scalable, simplified and adaptable customized GRC workflow as per their organizations compliance requirements.

Complete Visibility & Management
Reduced human errors
Minimize efforts in managing GRC workflow
Realtime monitoring and reporting

Increased efficiency

ASPIA streamlines GRC processes and reduces the manual efforts, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings

Amplifying risk management

ASPIA identifies and manages potential risks more effectively with its automation and smart risk management workflows

Improved accuracy

Effectively manage risks with distinct and reliable risk insights from ASPIA to ensure no risk is left overseen in the organization

Comprehensive governance

Ensure that complete information reaches enterprise teams accurately and in timely manner

Analyze and examine context, culture, and stakeholders in order to identify and support the organization's objectives and strategies.
Utilize proactive, detective, and responsive actions and controls to address threats, opportunities, and requirements.
Adapt performance, risk, and compliance objectives, strategies, decision-making criteria, actions, and controls to the context and stakeholder requirements
Assess and improve all actions and controls to ensure alignment to objectives and strategies, including their design and operating effectiveness.

Centralized and holistic approach to GRC

ASPIA’s centralized platform provides a comprehensive risk-based approach to manage Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) workflows, adhere to compliance and drive continuous risk management.

With various ASPIA features we provide centralized, end-to-end managed GRC workflow, including GRC planning, risk management, audit checklists, exception management, document programs management, etc.

Managed GRC workflow

ASPIA helps enterprises to orchestrate, automate and simplify the GRC process from its unified collaborative platform.

Document program management

ASPIA improves enterprise document program by allowing the creation, editing, and distribution of company policies, SOPs and procedure document

Optimize audit lifecycle

ASPIA enables scoping, scheduling and tracking of audits along with consolidation and management of internal audits and compliance resources

Centralized collaboration

ASPIA facilitates communication and collaboration between IT, security and business teams within the organization to drive GRC workflow.

Comprehensive reporting

ASPIA provides real-time visibility into the organization's risk and compliance posture, through its detailed insights and continued monitoring.

Control management

ASPIA enables the documentation, identification and assessment of controls in place to mitigate risks and ensure compliance.

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