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As per RBI guidelines, ASPIA-like solutions are now essential for Supervised Entities. Simplifying compliance monitoring through automation and integrated workflows. Click here!

Discover the PotentialEnhancing enterprise security around the clock

We make your enterprise security robust by automating and simplifying the vulnerability management and security processes
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Take right actions to strengthen your securityEnterprise Cybersecurity Solutions

With rapidly increasing security risk perimeter, organizations worldwide are spending more money than ever on new technologies and solutions, thus cybersecurity solutions are emerging as potential answers.

However, managing the cybersecurity risk is only getting more complex. Major Corporations rely on ASPIA, to keep their enterprise risk-managed.

We provide solutions and services that offer cost-efficiency, ease of use, and simple process integration, allowing enterprises to consolidate various security processes. We simplify the complicated security workflows and continuously monitor to identify high-impact risks and present distinct security insights to the customers around the clock.

Unified platform for enterprise security workflow automation.
Consolidated and contextualized assets and vulnerability data.
Granular insights for better security state visibility.
Risk based prioritization and remediation.
Issue tracking and automated follow-up escalation.
Application Security
Obtain a real-time view of the applications & their associated vulnerabilities with risk-based insights to optimize the security state
Audit Management
Streamline the GRC process to improve risk management and business delivery with ASPIA
Security Incident Management
Identify and manage the security incidents and issues in your enterprise with ease
Vulenrability Management
Automatically tracks the status quo of vulnerabilities and assets to expedite the process of remediation

Analyze | Prioritize | ProtectAutomated & Contextual Security

ASPIA's smart automated & comprehensive cybersecurity solutions manage security workflow and provide actionable security intelligence for the organizations
SOAR Cybersecurity
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Save time and resources
Save your precious resources and time by using ASPIA to manage your overall enterprise security
Improved business delivery
ASPIA eliminates recurring tasks and provides automation to enhance business performance and delivery
Accelerated remediation workflows
ASPIA monitors vulnerabilities continuously with acuity to enhance the remediation
Realtime security risk forecast
ASPIA provides granular sights about your enterprise's security to help you alleviate potential risks
SOAR Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity services that wow your success

By offering trusted cybersecurity services to protect your business from cyber-attacks with scalable, on-demand managed security services we aspire to be one of the best cybersecurity companies in India.
ASPIA services relieve you from your security worries and focus on what matters for the business. Don't let the time you spend managing your cybersecurity take away from what you do best.
Proactively predict and Manage security threats
Gain end-to-end granular control of your security
Cost effective and compliant security services
Obtain best-in-class security intelligence